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Special Thanks

Thanks to๐Ÿ”—

  • Pelican, the static site generator that powers this blog
  • python-markdown, which powers most of the document rendering on this site and which has an excellent extension system that’s allowed me to do all sorts of crazy fun things
  • Sass, which makes css tolerable to write
  • vokimon’s customblocks, which replaced literally dozens of external dependencies once I discovered it
  • Lazyframe, whose youtube cover page CSS I stole
  • Mermaid inline diagramming

And an extra-special personal thanks to๐Ÿ”—

  • Eevee, whose blog theme I based mine on and whose blog helped inspire me to start writing
  • FlaringK, from whose Flare’s CSS textboxes resource I adapted some css chat widgets
  • Fir, who was the first person to pitch the GioCities pun during brainstorming, I think
  • My generous sponsors on Sponsus and Patreon. I don’t have many, but it means a lot! Thanks to you guys I almost break even on this whole deal.
    • Also, to the people who said they were going to give me money, but then did not, a lesser-but-still-real thanks.
  • Everyone who read something I wrote and sent it to someone they thought should read it
  • Every single one of you who sometimes says nice things about me online โค

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