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A smattering of projects I've worked on that I think are neat.

Plenty of unfinished code and projects in here, too.

The big clickable buttons are big clickable buttons but some cards might have extra links at the bottom too.



Longform writing. I write about tech stuff and politics and stuff that interests me. Also Homestuck stuff, I guess

This is probably how you got here?


Shortform writing. It's a social media, but also, writing.


I wrote an incredibly long and in-depth history of the Hiveswap kickstarter project and subsequent game development fiasco.

This is technically part of the blog, but I'm giving it its own box because of how stupid big it is.


I have some miscellaneous work and ren'py technical writeups here, for sponsors.

I also did some writing in the game itself, but it's a secret.

Game stuff

The Raphael Parable

A sourcemod for The Stanley Parable that turns the game from a narrative metacommentary to a wild sprawling collect-a-thon. It's got some let's plays and stuff on youtube, if you search for it. I also wrote a blog article about it, sorta.

LP Psycholonials

Here's my Psycholonials Let's Play with commentary I did back in July, for the game's one year anniversary. Comes with screenshots and a transcript, so you can follow along.


In addition to writing Fansim Engine, the engine all this runs on, I'm the technical supervisor for Befriendus. I also personally produced the trailer, which I'm really proud of given that it was my first real video work.

I've done a lot of fun things here, especially with menus and game feel. And maybe I did some writing too? Who knows! Very fun stuff. Definitely play it!


I'm not the maintainer, but I have a few contributions on ren'py, the python visual novel engine that everybody loves and writes for, which I think is really cool. I've even got a little Contributor tag!

Fansim Engine

A package-based development environment for making volume-based Ren'py games, as well as a general-purpose API and asset collection focused on Homestuck visual novels. Befriendus uses this.

These were originally tools for modding and extending Hiveswap Friendsim and Pesterquest, but have since morphed into tools for creating standalone games.


A port of Namco High (made with Date Nighto's HTMLVN engine) to Ren'py in order to support modern VN features like save slots and translations. It's also an attempt to preserve a historically significant game as something actually playable.

This is hella unfinished and at time of writing doesn't even have a readme but it has a playable release and if you want to poke at it you're welcome to.


I'm not the maintainer, but I have a few contributions on mcMMO, which is that Minecraft server plugin everybody loves.

Superliminal Longplay

Superliminal is a really cool game! I love it a lot.

I played through it absolutely silently so people who can't play it can experience the game without a bunch of chatter.

Portal 2 stuff

I've done some work with Portal 2 mapping and BEEmod, which extends the in-game puzzle creator.

I also made a few maps. Some of them are good, maybe? Link below.


I made this very pretty homestuck-themed Auduiosurf 2 skin. It features a bunch of planets and random generation.

This was actually one of the first Audiosurf 2 skins. I have a screenshot somewhere where it's the most popular workshop item.


Various doodles I've done with Pico-8 that aren't big enough to get their own card. In my social media too!


Homestuck Collection

I co-authored the massive 2.0 update to The Unofficial Homestuck collection.

The main feature is a modding system I wrote from the ground up that allows for things like transcripts, fan content additions and userjs.


Code contributions and support for algorithmic art projects:

Zoetrope, a CLIP-VQGAN image generation notebook

Looking Glass, a ruDALL-E image tuning notebook


A collection of Pelican plugins I wrote for this very blog.

Has plugins for word count, reading time estimation, and archive-backed twitter embedding.

Related is mdexts, extensions for python flavored markdown. It has extensions for spoiler boxes and native HTML5 video embeds.


A discord bot, tailor made for Loreweaver Universe, but also used on some other liveblog discords to provide updates from Tumblr blogs.


A very rudimentary twitter bot, designed mostly around remote control of accounts.

No relation to either Aradiabot.


GUI tools for manually sorting pictures (and other files) into a directory structure.

I use this almost daily for sorting pictures and photos. It's much faster than explorer, and command line tools aren't good at visually inspecting images.


Some contributions of mine to the Markdown sublime text plugin.

A few bugfixes and some features for link and reference management.


Real-time regex substitution of keyboard input.

A simple tool written in like 20 minutes.


A chrome extension that generates favicons for chrome tabs for sites that don't have them.

Uses Gravatar to generate a graphic based on the domain.


There's a ton of other stuff that didn't make it in here, if you look at my github activity you'll see more



I've done some work creating archives of various Homestuck stuff to safeguard against stuff like flash depreciation and hosting changes.

It's mostly just where it needs to be, rather than under some site of mine, but here are some links to sites that host it

internet archive

I have several collections up at the internet archive, including The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Flights of Fantasy, protest footage, and some Homestuck material.


A tool that connects to Blackboard (via your own credentials) and downloads and archives the material available to you.

I wrote this as a student for saving class notes, and figured it might be useful to others.