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Once I had the terrible idea to write an article about Hiveswap. Then I wrote a couple more. (Click ‘em!)

This page collects the Main Hiveswap Articles, so it’s not just the homestuck tag.

The Hiveswap Fiasco๐Ÿ”—


My first post about Hiveswap. This is a historical article, chronicling the story about the Hiveswap kickstarter and the game’s development history. It aggregates a lot of information from various media sources: Kickstarter updates, news posts, What Pumpkin’s various blogs, official tweets, news interviews, and more.

There are also a few small exclusive new bits where I talked with a few sources to fill in some gaps, but as far as new information goes, this is by-and-large an aggregation. Told as the story that it is!

This is the big huge one.

When new information came out (this was first written before Act 2 even released!) I went back and added it into the timeline. I’ll try to keep this one up-to-date, so you can always get the whole story.

More on the Hiveswap Odd Gentlemen Debacle๐Ÿ”—


This article addresses some specific tips I got after the Fiasco article. I wasn’t able to verify everything I heard as fact, but there was enough credibility overall that I still wanted to share the stories and my research into the claims.

Later, What Pumpkin themselves confirmed some stories that I broke in this article as being true, and that they suspect the source is an insider that’s been giving them trouble.

The Sarah Z Video Fallout๐Ÿ”—


Sarah Z posted A Brief History of Homestuck, looking back at the Homestuck fandom and property. She talks about my research and (for the parts of the video that are about Hiveswap, at least) sources from the Fiasco article extensively.

The Fallout article is about What Pumpkin’s immediate reation to the video and the legal threats and discussions that led to Sarah publishing a followup video herself, Homestuck Sent Me A Legal Threat, And Then It Got Worse, in which the titular events happen.

An extremely significant part of that reaction seems to be tied up in her using my work as a source, and What Pumpkin’s (and Andrew’s) apparent outrage against me and my work, specifically. I go through this in depth!

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If I forgot to update this page, here’s the #hiveswap tag page, which will have everything hiveswap related:



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